Nutrigenetic DNA Analysis

Nutrigenetic DNA Analysis By Geneplanet is a groundbreaking new DNA analyses based on more than 100 genes. This cutting edge technology provides you with a wealth of knowledge about your body, and tailored made recommendations for your health and lifestyle.

Discover your DNA, discover yourself.

Understanding your genes and your genetic predispositions can be the key to understanding yourself, your body, and your health. Our genes are not the only controlling factors in our lives as environment and lifestyle are the main influencers, but by knowing our genes, we can make necessary environmental adjustments and reduce our risk for diseases and other health complications..

Get personalized lifestyle recommendations

Nutrigenetic analysis by NutriFit will enable you to improve your health, well­being and fitness. The nutrigenetic analysis is based on scientific findings from the field of genetics and it provides practical important information which is useful for preparing meals, planning sport activities and incorporating this in your everyday life.Each analysis combines the basic information, personalized recommendations and the appropriate scientific background.

35 individual analyses in 8 chapters


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DNA test results example for women DNA test results example for men

Adjust your lifestyle to your genes


Our metabolism largely depends on our genes. That means that each individual metabolizes the same nutrients differently. The way in which our body metabolizes fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is largely dependent on our genetic makeup. Based on your DNA analysis you will find the answers to your questions on nutrition, risks for being overweight, your response to carbohydrates, saturated fats and recommended diet types:

• Risk for being overweight • response to carbohydrates • response to saturated fats • diet type • and much more.


Adapt your sport activities to your body characteristics. Your genes determine whether you need more exercises that require explosive energy or those that require greater endurance. The genetic analysis is the first step towards effective actions as it will show you which sports activities and exercises are the best for you. Based on genetic analysis we can recommend you the optimal recreational activity or alert you if you are doing the wrong activities:

Muscle structure I Endurance training I Achilles tendon I Bone density and much more.


Adapt your lifestyle to your genetic makeup. With the NutriFit analysis you will learn more about your personal vitamin and mineral needs that are written in your genetic makeup. With the help of personalized recommendations you will be able to create a customized and optimal diet that will help you to stay healthy, feel better and to stay younger for a longer period of time. At the same time you will also learn what you need to do to protect yourself from the harmful environmental effects:

The requirement of vitamins I Biological ageing I Oxidative stress and much more.

How it works

1. Order your analysis

Fill the contact form and place the payment.

2. Receive your DNA kit

You will receive a DNA kit which contains a saliva collector, documentation and all the necessary instructions to your home address.

3. Collect your sample

Submit your biological sample in the saliva collector according to attached instructions and fill in the statement for performing the NutriFit analysis.

4. Send your sample

Your sample and signed documents have to be sent to the laboratory according to the given instructions.

IMPORTANT: keep the result log­in information that is supplied with the kit.

5. Discover your genes

You will get a notification from GenePlanet when the report is ready for download.​

Consultation Follow-up

As you have no doubt discovered, the NutriFit genetic report you have received is both professional and clear, conveniently presenting your genetic predispositions related to nutrition, recreation and wellbeing.

To make the most of the information and receive additional personalized guidance and action plans based on your goals, we offer to accompany the findings with a consultation call from a clinical nutrition consultant, a Nutrigenetics specialist, authorized by the Geneplanet Nutritional Consulting Services. 

During the conversation, the nutritionist will review the results you received for each of the 35 characteristics examined in the genetic report.

With respect to every finding, you will be given specific nutritional recommendations.

The recommendations are offered in three languages: English, French and Russian.

Consultation call duration: (1-1.5 hours)

Call method: Skype

Cost of the service: $199


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