Medical Passport

The Medical Passport is a dedicated multi-lingual protected space for all of your medical information.

The medical file makes your health history and general data available in a virtual format as well as in a hard copy format in 18 languages.

Having the information available will permit doctors of any origin to provide informed support as needed, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A summary of the record is available in 18 languages.

An emergency password is available in order to access the file in case the member is unable to assist the health professionals.

The password is printed on a branded plastic card.

In order to access the file, upload the medical information, or view the file, the subscriber needs to go to

Medical record uploading includes uploading, management, filing and storing patient charts, and scanning medical records.


The Medical Passport is included in the member's enrollment.
Medical record uploading - 650 USD