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Referrals from Top Doctors in Various Fields (outside of the US)

Once the decision has been made regarding the type of treatment required, Medical Opinion refers its clients to world leading medical centers best suited to their needs and the required field of expertise, assisting its clients in obtaining continued treatment.

Recommended doctors and patient referrals

Medical Opinion enjoys a database of medical specialists and recommended hospitals and departments covering a wide range of medical fields worldwide. 
In addition, Medical Opinion has the support of senior consultants who are leaders in their respective fields throughout the world, offering consultation to our clients and referring them to the professional expert most suitable for their particular needs.
Our database of doctors and consultants is available to our clients as needed.

How service is provided

When required, the member will contact Medical Opinion and provide his/her contact details and basic information regarding the medical case at hand, which discipline or specialty is desired, and what is the geographical preference for the referral.

Medical Opinion will locate top doctors and institutions according to the member's need, specialty, and location.
If needed a Medical Opinion doctor will make contact with the member, determine the field of medical expertise required for the case, and will contact the relevant medical expert from the network of doctors.
Medical Opinion will send one or more  names of experts or institutions to the member via email within 72 hours.


Included in the member's enrollment.

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